10 Worst Dresses In Golden Globes History

The worst dressed from the Golden Globes pink carpet
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It’s award present season and it is time to critique the pink carpet attire from earlier years. Who do you suppose was the worst dressed on the Golden Globes? Was it Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence or Sophie Turner? Let us know within the feedback if we missed anybody!

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  1. Katie Corn says

    wait they need to tell the difference between statement pieces and pieces that are bad

  2. Robin May says

    why are you hating on julia roberts? women shouldn't be forced into a glittery gown. if she felt like wearing a suit, for the love of god, let her.

  3. Kuchen Katze says

    Am I the only one who likes the one Beyoncé is wearing. I think it's really beatiful♡

  4. The blue Gamer says

    You are rude, they are beautiful jest the way they are, and the way they dress!!!!
    #don`t you have better tings to do than bather them?
    #i am not a hater, i like your channel
    # have YOU ever been on GOLDEN GLOBES?????????

  5. fatima rose says

    The way she pronounced Charlize Theron's name 😭

  6. Aliiciabrux says

    1.I'm pretty sure the celebs don't actually choose their outfits, their wardrobe team usually does it
    2.Emma Watson looked flawless, what are you talking about. In fact, quite a few of these outfits are actually really good on them

  7. Mya says

    I think they were all beautiful

  8. Hannia Yong says

    Felicity jones’ dress is Gucci that’s why it looks “weird” btw it looks good on her

  9. KawaiiPanda -Chan says

    Lol, those dresses should be in a collection called (The weird dresses that made me paralysed)

  10. Hajer Alzadjali says

    watson did awesome
    I saw a video of you saying "10 golden globes dresses that left the crowd speechless" and Emma watson was one of them!?!!

  11. Charlie ALALOUT says

    what right do you people have to criticise people for what they wear? you wear what you want and they wear whatever they feel like , peoples fashion choices is for them only to choose. sorry they dont look like everyone else , at least they have some bits of originality.

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