10 WEIRD Things All Teenagers Do

Top 10 WEIRD Things All Teenagers Do
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the highest 10 WEIRD Things All Teenagers Do!

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  1. Top 10s says

    Hit the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE buttons and tell me what video you want to see next!

  2. Rosie83Posie :3 says

    I'm just gonna say that when he said X-box he showed a picture of a PlayStation…

  3. MaxRager Orm says

    Whenever I had to answer the door or something or when I walk my dog and someone asks me "oh what's your dogs name" I just pretend like I'm deaf but I actually use sign language so in case they know sign language. Pathetic or smart?

  4. Selling_hugs _ says

    Lmao another comment by me: I don’t do diets I eat what I want

  5. Selling_hugs _ says

    My room is not cute messy with a few clothes. It’s like left over pringle boxes and cups galore. Oh and sport shoes because I’m too lazy to pick them up

  6. Cookie Rn says

    I fan girl to much…Is that overreacting?~🤤

  7. Sarah Lucas says

    My boyfriend is the best. He let's me paint his toenails. He's the best boyfriend ever and so tolerant.

  8. luke owen says

    the alcohol one I have mates who brought me drinks so I didn't have to steal my parents

  9. Roxy Doxy says

    Yes too many
    Very emo
    Then finally myself again XD

  10. gitanjali wilson says

    i have had a weird diet it is called eating whatever i want and exercise instead:3

  11. wonTAEful says

    Kpop is NOT a phase for me usually my phases last for like a couple of weeks it's been 2 years I've been liking kpop. And it won't stop😂😂😂

  12. fangirl moon says

    I let my phone ring for a little bit and I pick it up only because I like my ringtone so yeah

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