10 Truths Your Body Language Reveals About You

Top 10 Truths Your Body Language Reveals About You
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the highest 10 Truths Your Body Language Reveals About You! These are issues your non verbal communication says about you which ones are primarily based round persona and relationships wether your a boy, woman man or lady.

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  1. Top 10s says

    Thanks for watching! Hit that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button and tell me what you want to see next! 🙂

  2. Fien Aerts says

    Cave butter in rapid string someone ordinary lake literary.

  3. odeis5 says

    hate to break it to you "experts" but the chest one is bullshit, considering I have an interest in what many people say, but I also have the ability to keep working and talk at the same time. I don't need my chest, hands, feet or even eyes to be pointed at someone to carry on a interesting conversation.

  4. Peril_is_watching says

    BTW I'm always swallowing and linking my lips, because I'm not hydrated.

  5. Telin Strong says

    My legs are open all the time because I do not like to be squished below the belt if you know what I mean, and I drum on the table because I am a drummer the second one is probably just me hahaha.

  6. Aryan Raj says

    There was nothing about click bait part!! The rest was not explained properly!!

  7. Iron-Bran says

    Manspreading can get you in trouble wIth buzzfeed LOL

  8. GOOFYDOOD 12345 says

    Actually spreading our legs isn't used for dominance, it's cuz we don't want ballsack pancakes.

  9. Nishant Sengar says

    I find women's legs as the most seductive part of their body

  10. ilovepotatoes 4ever says

    Handshakes are my weakness honestly. I don't know how to give a good hand shake despite how confident i can get.

  11. Pyxl Anims says

    what happens if you just play with your hair because you're bored? …

  12. Brayden Picken says

    I play with my hair when I'm bored (I'm a boy with longish hair)

  13. caterpillars says

    I only spread my legs so my dick is comfortable, the dominance in legs is complete bullshit

  14. bar dock says

    Roses are red
    Violet are blue

    Im here for the thumbnail so are u

  15. Serpentaria says

    I seem to get erections when talking with cute girls. Wonder what message that sends?

  16. Nick Tokar says

    My hands are always In my pants.
    In fact, I'm typing this right now through my pants.

  17. TRON says

    So if you're chest is facing another… you can say anime is a lie?

  18. Mads Whisker says

    I'm always moving my hands because I'm ALWAYS nervous.

  19. Fanta7Lord says

    I'm a girl and I do the man spread everytime I sit and I always have my hands in my pockets but I'm not shy.

  20. Totoro Animates says

    Last year in 8th grade when I liked someone I told them confidently and I didn't feel too anxious. Now in high school I can barely talk to them without my heart beating almost 1000 times a second. what happened

  21. Don't Fuck With Me says

    Omg…I was video chatting my friend Jackson and he literally played with his hair for like.. 30-40 minutes ….non stop

  22. wolf blitz says

    I know a way a girl can know if a boy loves them go next to them and if they don't get an erection they prob don't like you

  23. Icey xdsdd says

    My fucking crush needs to fucking like me im hot asf

  24. Vincent Judakov says

    (Watches Number 2)
    humpf… nobody likes me… *jumps off a bridge*

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