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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the highest 10 TIPS TO KEEP YOU SAFE IN THE MODERN WORLD! Technology and the fashionable world is nice for leisure and our each day life-style. But it could possibly at all times be good to have some ideas and life hacks to maintain you secure!

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  1. Top 10s says

    Thank you watching!!! Hit the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE buttons and tell us what video you want to see next!!! 😀

  2. CamoSquid21YT says

    Only Reason I have thousands of emails is because I don't check it

  3. Rapture Angel says

    After a child was kidnapped, his parents were shown pictures of children FOR SALE-THEY WERE NOT KIDNAPPED, YET!  Around Halloween lots of children go missing-keep a close watch on children always!

  4. MasterVantius says

    USB cables are just transmitters. You need to set on your device to only charge when connected via USB.

  5. Ilyes Perrin says

    Confuse instructor alliance colonial flee dozen disaster.

  6. Ange 360 says

    Ha, another reason why I don't do social media. Youtube is as far as I'll go.

  7. Ange 360 says

    This is why it's nice not to drive a new car. Drive a decent running beater. My vechicle doesn't cry, I'm rich, fucking rob me 😁

  8. rizon72 says

    The last one, you have a super secure password that you can't remember.

  9. Esteban Riviere says

    Forgive prominent bond olfatr relieve ring breath otherwise silly progress function.

  10. ReploidHeart says

    my god shut the fuck up with your like begging, at least shove that shit in the end of the video.

  11. fyrye says

    On HTTPS, your local computer/browser encrypts the data using a public and private key pair that is transmitted in the certificate issued when connecting to the website. The host server retains the private key, used to decipher the encrypted data. But the information to and from the site is still transmitted via multiple hops to the destination/server(s). Also remember the heartbleed vulnerability not too long ago? There are other vulnerabilities with HTTPS (TLS/SSL specifically) HTTPS is also susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks, including certificate spoofing. The majority of which are exploited on open networks like cafes, bookstores, airports and hotels. Which was partially explained immediately following, though there are other methods than just similar SSID names used.

  12. My Lollipop says

    Toutube made a cool new feature so if you accidentally type your youtube password in a comment it will block it out. for example my password is ********

  13. Irish Sean says

    Video ruined by the silly jazz music, I couldn't concentrate…..

  14. IronLUBE says

    Love your vids but PLEASE change the annoying background music! It actually makes me want to turn it off..

  15. TheFightmaster22 says

    Thanks for this yo, I could have been hacked multiple times until now

  16. Jim Cliff says

    Most people leave their house keys in their car? I call bullshit.

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