10 Things You’ll NEVER Buy Once You Know What They’re Made Of!

Top 10 Things You’ll Never Buy Once You Know What They’re Made Of!
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the highest 10 Things You’ll Never Buy Once You Know What They’re Made Of!

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  1. Top 10s says

    Thank you for watching!!! Hit the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE buttons and tell me what you want to see next!!! 😀

  2. Amy Gao says

    You know what? In China, red dye was made of a kind of rice, it was yeasted by Monascus mold which was a kind of harmless mold to human body. About the Calamari, can't you think of it? squid was much more chewy than pigs' meat, also, can you just tear the crispy shell of the calamari and see is there a black stripe of it? that was squid's outer skin. Also, sir, do you have any misunderstanding or discrimination to Chinese? Even though Chinese do have many unsafe product, but do you know that your word make many other country's people have a huge misunderstanding to Chinese? Please check your words and the authenticity your recourse come from, please.

  3. A T Morgan says

    At work, we cut our use of hi fructose corn syrup by 50% because the government told us to. It used to be in a few foods and drinks 3-4 decades ago. Now its in most everything. So to cut our use of hi fructose by 50% they said if its in a liquid, soda, ect Its hi fructose corn syrup. If its in a solid food then change the name to corn sugar. And we cut our fructose use by 50%. Same stuff, coming out of they same tank, two different names. And don't get me started on "Organic" foods and drinks, or the acceptable amount of rat, or mice parts, that are ok is some foods or drinks, jello has ground up bones in it, and wine has to filters out the maggots in them. Labeling is funny as hell when you know what the words mean. P. S. Even milk gets heated so much now, that Reg or Organic milk has everything good heated out of it, that the vitamins and other good things have to be added back in. Organic? Don't waste your money, organic approved chemicals are in most all organic food and drinks.

  4. Crazy Pisces 1992 says

    I Don't Ever Plan On Trying Calamari. I Tried Red Bull (Original Flavor) One Time, & Thought It Was Fucking Nasty, So I Will Never Drink Red Bull Again That Includes The Other Flavors. As For The Rest Of The Products I Will Continue Eating, & Drinking Them.

  5. Josiah Lee En says

    Hot dogs are packed with preservatives and additives but this channel is packed with clickbait

  6. Golda Gordon says

    I keep kosher im so happy!!! Most of this goes against kosher

  7. jamesnewdroid says

    You mean the deep fried , batter dipped pig's anus I have been eating all this time might have been calamari ?

  8. Ange 360 says

    I love turtles, I mean cheese. I love cheese. One day..I may be open to limburger. Brie can get stinky, but it's good. If you look up cheese, you'd may be interested in the possibilities. I'll possibly try limburger and that cheese maggots had a go at.

  9. Ange 360 says

    I'm aware the hot dogs are made from all the unwanteds, I eat liverwurst. As long as made edible, I don't care. I eat beef byproducts. Although I'd rather eat strip, filet or the best of both worlds, my all time favorite porterhouse.

  10. Bubble Buddy says

    Am I going to die if I eat these? No. Sure there's disgusting things in it but do you see people dying from them? I sure don't

  11. Leia Dhoro says

    Okay but … people have been eating animal parts for generations. Get over it. If you don't like any of the animal parts listed here then you may as well become a vegan so you won't eat any animal part ever again. Man made chemicals are one thing to be wary of but animal parts are nothing new.


    I can already tell you without even watching this that hot dogs will be on the list.

    Edit: I fucking knew it.

  13. lil_jona says

    Why the fuck would I give a shit if I already ate the shit?

  14. Seskova says

    so hungry I want some pig ass and red drank

  15. Lore Jacobs says

    Yellow town productive ring parental constant basic new do.

  16. Kelsey Matthews says

    Gummy bears have gelatin in them. Everyone knows gelatin is made of ground-up animal parts.

  17. QUEEN_TAY_ LUB says

    I guess well all just die now at least fries weren't in there lol (:

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