10 Things Fast Food Employees Won’t Tell You!

Top 10 Things Fast Food Employees Won’t Tell You!
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the highest 10 Things Fast Food Employees Won’t Tell You! We all love quick meals eating places with burgers, fries, drinks colas and extra, however listed here are some secrets and techniques of the meals trade which is able to shock you! Even the salads will not be good to your well being!

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  1. Top 10s says

    Thank you for watching! Hit the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button and tell us what video you want to see next!!! 😀

  2. Micah Tucker says

    If you work in fast food, you know that almost all of these are wrong.

  3. The gaming god 243 says

    3:49 I went to Dairy Queen and I said can I get some fries and the guy said that will be $3:48 but then I realized small fries cost $1:48

  4. Jay Viescas says

    (said in a stupid, boring, overstimulated British accent) "Most of this video is stupid and full of click-baity-bullshit!" 1. Most ff restaurants use REAL eggs in their breakfasts – you can see them cook them on a griddle – what they do do to the egg is break the yoke so it will cook hard and not run all over your nice new tie! 2. Burger King uses a "treadmill" grilling device which you can SEE as it cooks the burgers, 3. The salads at Wendy's are pretty good and not loaded with lots of sugar – it depends on the salad dressing you choose.

  5. Barbara cast says

    McDonald's uses real eggs bro they crack them an cook them every day

  6. Purple Burrito says

    Hi there, McDonald's employee here! As someone who works on the grill (sandwiches, nuggets,breakfast sandwiches and tenders) I have made the eggs before and the rounds are real eggs, also a little thing on the DL, McDonald's will soon be using fresh, never frozen all beef patties also soda fountain truth #10 is a lie. (BTW I diligently wash my hands because its a pita to have grease smelling hands)

  7. taylor swift fan says

    Wjsiehuduwh that explains why the coco cola is "good" I'm never drinking a fast food cola again e.o like ew… I might past on some fast foods now.. Thanks for the warning or I would still putting bad things in my body e.o I'm still shocked…

  8. yankeesfan123 123 says

    well i found out why the soda at fast food resturontes all ways tastes weried

  9. Victor Öqvist says

    Once when my family went to a fast food resturant there were dead ants in the soda fountain

  10. Wol f says

    Number 10 is just common know, how would you not know that.

  11. Jeckel says

    If yall think fastfood drinks are better than bottled yall got problems

  12. Dallas Grant says

    The last part I wouldn't exactly state is 100% true. You are right that they get it for dirt cheap (exactly why many McDonald's offers 1$, any sized drinks at many locations and it still probably a big reason for margins of profit when a person orders a meal) ; however, I would not make the claim that it is not fresher because "you do the work." In reality, it would be fresher as it is getting the carbonated water added at the same time you are getting your order competed. The work takes 10 seconds and if you go though a drive through, it's often automatically poured (depending on the restaurant). The only thing that is causing problems, in my mind, is that the machines are not designed to self clean themselves. It is almost impossible to properly clean anything aside from the nozzles which normally are cleaned by soaking overnight in sanitized water, soaking in hot water, or just removing the nozzles and spraying with water…and I don't know if any are really good methods.

  13. Zinnie Boy says

    I have to ask for a small drink or just a cup of ice water because I am on dialysis and have to watch my fluid intake. We are limited to 32 oz a day. Really sucks. God knows I want to guzzle down a super large soda or icee. I get so doggone thirsty, it's not even funny. Trust me, if you are not on dialysis, you don't ever want to be. Not a fun place to be in this life..

  14. Ti Ha says

    1. We dig in our ass then assemble your burger.

  15. Michael says

    we don't play music in mcds in london

  16. Michael says

    we don't say regular in the uk, we say medium

  17. Luckyluchs777 says

    All these facts are scary. I'm going to skip Wendy's, Mickey ds, and Burger King for life. And the soda too.

  18. Ro says

    since when can you get free refills? I want in.

  19. Ange 360 says

    My first job for a few months, almost 20 years ago, BK. The burgers are flame boiled to one side. They go through a conveyor system. We're told making sandwiches, place burger patty with grill marks facing up.

  20. Miriam says

    Those additives make the salads taste nasty, especially McDonald's salads. Are you sure they aren't doing it on purpose so we will buy burgers instead?

  21. TheHellLord says

    So thats why im always hungry my favourite colour is red and im surrounded by it LOLOL

  22. Dead Pool says

    7:58 its true seen it out of a soda gun. One part syrup to six parts soda water.

  23. Stephanie Nossett says

    Talking about how bad fast food is and most of the food shown defenantly didn't come from a fast food restaurant.

  24. Andrew Rowe says

    This video is retarted i work in fast food and we clean EVERYTHING EVERY NIGHT it fuckin sux

  25. james turner says

    That's not true cuz you're showing McDonald's in McDonald's charge you a dollar for no matter what size you get

  26. Matthew Webb says

    Dam the eggs arnt eggs thought they didnt taste like eggs

  27. MiaTGT says

    The small drinks in America are bigger than the large drinks in Australia

  28. O.G. R/H says

    Your move America! 😂 I love those yanks!

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