10 Surprising Things Men Find Attractive

10 Amazing issues guys love about ladies!

You have in all probability heard males say that girls are difficult in relation to relationship. But we predict that they’re truly somewhat bit bizarre once they speak about what makes a girl lovely. And you’ll be stunned to know that the science of attraction agrees with them. This is why we’re exhibiting you 10 Surprising Things Men Find Attractive. Just wait till you see why being too fairly may be ruining your love life and relationships.

Every physique is gorgeous. Even if vogue magazines are solely exhibiting you photos of actually skinny girls, science articles are exhibiting you one thing that may very well be much more enticing: huge hips. That’s proper, having extra fats there might make you a greater associate. And there’s additionally an ideal quantity that you need to be on the lookout for if you wish to have the most effective measurements.

Don’t go on the lookout for the proper outfit and placed on the proper make-up. Health is definitely what makes you extra lovely than ever. And one approach to see it’s by taking a look at your facial symmetry. The more healthy you might be, the extra symmetrical you’ll be. However, being too excellent might additionally make you look bizarre. And you’ll have to observe our video if you wish to see some photos.

Stay tuned to listen to extra about shocking issues males discover enticing like excessive heels, crimson lips, a smile, tanlines, lengthy hair, a excessive voice, and extra. Can you consider every other shocking factor males discover enticing? Don’t be shy to inform us what it’s within the feedback part down beneath. We love listening to from you!

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  1. Charlie Carey says

    Oh hang on..let me just change the way I speak and apologise to men that I don't speak like a mouse….but wait…come back I will be faithful with my more manly voice! !! This video is mental! !

  2. Charlie Carey says

    Wtf have I just watched!
    How sexist is this video!!!
    You can't make yourself pretty with red lipstick if you weren't already beautiful!
    What the hell??!!!

  3. John LaFrance says

    I, as a man, love long hair regardless of color. I do have a preference of red hair, but it's more the idea that it's well kept. Not everyone prefers blondes, so don't go coloring your hair to please others. Just take care of it.

  4. Sara Bryant says

    Okay the long hair thing is crap, and actually offensive bc I have short hair

  5. 123456 7890 says

    Why would long legs be a sign of health in a country with plentiful food? Also, I'm pretty sure shorter women live longer on average.

  6. True Ratz says

    Most people in school call me beautiful and "the prettiest girl in school" my friend say I don't beleve it and right now I'm in a very happy relationship with one of the least popular guys I could of been popular but I don't like how they act and to be popular I would have to put on the same act as them

  7. Shaifali Cuppcake says

    I don't have very long locks, long arms ,long legs ,big hips still I'm beautiful..😎😋

  8. April's Time says

    Well I am Africa American, skinny, brown eyes and brown hair and proud

  9. Smash Boy LUC4S says

    I came here with two intentions:
    Seeing nothing make sense with my personal interests, and there being absolutely no links whatsoever to these "studies".
    I haven't been let down by a single video by TheTalko

  10. Suchi Sharma says

    One statement of yours supports a view and the very next line contradicts the same 😅 awkward.

  11. Shaina Gittens says

    If I was a man I don't think I would be attracted to a woman with a squeaky voice unless I really loved her and that would probably never happen

  12. SupertoastGT says

    Lipstick, especially red: No. You can't beat natural lips and a natural uncovered face. The real you looks way better than the whale chunks or whatever your makeup is made of. XD Tans? No. They aren't horrible but again, I'd prefer the natural you. High Heels? No. You don't need to be in pain to be gorgeous and I really don't look at shoes much anyway. Messy hair: Yes. For some reason I do find it attractive. Can't explain it. In any case, I guess it's the artificial things that I just don't like, other than shaving. XD

  13. Sana Akhtar says

    I have given up on love completely because I am so ugly If you saw me in really life you would do what everyone else does to me just call me names

  14. Stephanie Jensen says

    I have dark blonde hair and hazel brown eyes with long straight hair and tan lines and a soft high voice and I think most guys do like me. I'm single most of my life and it's because I get scared and run away from them and than they get mad. so just be happy you don't have my anxiety and fears

  15. Anastasiya Badi says

    Lol men prefer blondes? Dirty dish water blond is the most basic hair colour ever, also guys usually say they like shorter girls not taller

  16. Patrick O'Neil says

    For the part where they said men only like blonde women, I prefer girls with darker hair like mine because I like to be dating someone who has the same hair color, eye color, etc. that’s just my opinion though, not saying other men have to like that too. Just sharing. 😀

  17. Kayleen Strohmeyer says

    Bull shit men like a woman that approach them and be nice not size or weight

  18. ivana farah says

    well that's my confidence gone down the drain lol

  19. Ruby Rubia says

    i have long, blonde (mostly) messy hair, a high voice, long legs AND arms, a waist to hip ratio of0,71, a (pretty) smile, at least i was told i have and a symmetrical face and i'm still single :))))

  20. Arno Van lombergen says

    What I find attractive to women is: freckles, a shirt and a scarf. It's just so beautifil.

  21. ATrueLove,com says

    One is self confident and knows she is beautiful inside and out, but kind and humble at the same time.

  22. It's yuh girl mikkeai8908 says

    Great, got it the talko, if you don't have long, blonde hair with blue eyes. Might as well prepare to be single the rest of your life.

  23. Janette Chayna says

    The girl in 8:48 she has the same glasses as me and I would scream through a megaphone is that weird or what? 😳

  24. Ella Trends says

    Not all men like blonde hair I mean the school I go to there’s no blondes and no white pol

  25. Ruby Choka says

    this is compiled by one stupid person ever…hahaha..overated..overgeneralizations..obssessive perso who might be not thankful and appreciated of who he/she is

  26. Kelly s says

    -bullshit, this is just made for women to feel insecure. Girls don't listen to this be yourself and guys will love you the way you are.

  27. Olivia says

    Um what I have tan Lines and they look terrible

  28. alice john says

    And what about acne?What do boys think about acne on girl's face?

  29. toemas8 says

    This is BS… us guys are attracted to a lot of things about women. Being smart funny and someone you want to hang out are just as important as looks. There is always that weird thing that just clicks… there are beautiful women I have met and I see them as empty shells. This might be because there are trying to project a certain image so they come across as ice Queen’s…

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