10 Signs Your Crush DOESN’T Like YOU

Top 10 Signs Your Crush DOESN’T Like YOU
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the highest 10 Signs Your Crush DOESN’T Like YOU! We all get crushes however right here is find out how to know if a man or lady likes you or not.

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  1. Top 10s says

    Thanks for watching! Hit that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button and tell me what you want to see next! 😀

  2. Shok Razor says

    I go to these videos to laugh at the comment section

  3. Makayla Dobbs says

    He does smile at his phone and when he doesn't know im there I look at his phone and youtube is pulled up and he is watching either naruto or the muppets one time I even caught him reading Dora….

  4. mlg scrub boy says

    World:20% relationships
    80% girls that reject all the boys and cry that they dont have a bf

  5. Nathan South says

    | O O |
    | / |
    |________/ |

  6. Galactix [GD] says

    By making this video you are instantly crushing so many dreams, how do you feel?

  7. Matthew Barnett says

    My best friend, When we hang out, She flirts. But she claims she doesn't like me. But she tell me she love me😕

  8. Sonicmonster says

    Well, if this vid is true, than the 2 girls I’m talking to might not like me… Back to the depression board I say.

  9. mk 12 says

    Is it weird when the person you like likes some one else and the person they like is someone that likes you(it's weird I know)

  10. Rocio's Life says

    My crush Story: In second grade i was new to a school I'm still in, I'm like i think i like that guy but i knew he didn't like me because he didn't even look at me that whole year (he probably did) but i didn't see him, third grade was starting same school and my friend told him and he yells "I DON'T CARE" in front of everyone and i was so embarrassed. We were closer now (as Friends) fourth same school and he is my friend but we don't really talk we only talk in fine arts because i go to his class in fine arts I'm in a different class

    Ok that was weird

  11. Suzanaki says

    If this was a test for my crush they'll probably get a 100% for not liking me back. I'm gonna go listen to Carry On and Fuck Love by X

  12. lilbilly says

    What if she's a out going person but when she goes to talk to you she gets nervous

  13. a_ mxriel.14 says

    My crush always grabs me by the shoulders and faces me towards him to look at him in the eye when he talks to me

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