10 Shocking Confessions of Celebrity Parents

high 10 mother and pa’s in hollywood who will shock you
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Being a father or mother is one of the hardest jobs on the earth with an infinite quantity of accountability. You must take care of a toddler and lift it to be a functioning, well-rounded grownup. When we take into consideration our dad and mom and the way they raised us, there have been ways they used that we agreed with and others that we disagreed with. In our trendy world with social media, dad and mom could be within the highlight right away, and folks all around the world can criticize their parenting expertise. However, as everyone knows, it’s simple to evaluate and criticize when wanting from the skin. We don’t know what a father or mother’s private life is like, or how the kid behaves regularly. Even although there are 1000’s of books written about the appropriate solution to father or mother, we gained’t ever know the reply. But there are some clear guidelines and bounds that should be adopted, and so they delve from frequent sense. The dad and mom you’re about to satisfy have damaged quite a few guidelines in conventional parenting, and it isn’t identified if that’s extra dangerous than good for his or her youngsters.
In this video, you’ll meet the ten most annoying dad and mom in Hollywood. Given how distinctive some of these celebrities are, it shouldn’t be a serious shock that their personalities transpire into their parenting ways. Being a celeb already places you within the highlight to be criticized in your parenting expertise, and most of them do move their youngsters off to nannies.

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  1. Dee Jay says

    I think that Woody Allen is diacusting.

  2. Dee Jay says

    Who in their right mind listens to Jenny McCarthy about anything?

  3. Dee Jay says

    Wasent there a tv show about children who sisnt/couldnt eat solid food becausw of the psychological ramifications of not being weened off the breast?

  4. temptedhazelaht says

    Autisim had nothing to do with Jet's death. His seizure disorder did.

  5. beanie green says

    Jenny is correct as we find out late in the day; themerisol in vaccines have caused neurological problems.

  6. kryceksangel says

    Thumbs down when you mentioned President Trump.  Leave him alone

  7. MD says

    Where the are Child Protective Services when you need them?

  8. Y Hello says

    Scientology is a religion….. But religion is against science… whaaaaaaaaaaattt???

  9. Girl Q says

    So they let their child die, because of their church? What? Why is this church even still allowed? How didn't they leave the church after their CHILD died, because of it

  10. Big Daddy says

    alot of famous people are anti vaccine. vaccines are designed to kill you!

  11. Diego I. says

    Didn't you already cover some of these?

  12. Andy Skied says

    these celebrity "parents" are all kinds of messed up. those are the exact kind of people that shouldn't be allowed to have children. why these people were allowed to keep their children is beyond me. Jenny Mccarthy is personally responsible for many deaths due to her spreading the word of not getting children vaccinated. if there is a hell she will surely burn in it.

  13. Robin Marie says

    Yeah, Woody Allen waited till his daughter was 19. Sure, we'll go with that story.

  14. K Halliday says

    No way! These parents are using their kids as an experiment materials. No wonder that there are so many whacks in Hollywood. Sick, sick, people!

  15. akcandlemaker says

    Lol…the joke's on you, Jenny McCarthy was spot on about the vaccines, and probably saved thousands of lives with her protest…bet that really rubs you raw. 😀

  16. Stephanie Mukai says

    Also after having a baby, I do understand why Alicia Silverstone did feed her son "bird" style.

  17. Stephanie Mukai says

    I have to admit that it's hilarious how Pamela Anderson doesn't care what they find on the internet. Who the heck wants to go searching for nudes of their own mother anyways?!

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