10 SECRETS Celebs Don’t Want You To Know

Top 10 SECRETS Celebs Don’t Want You To Know
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the highest 10 SECRETS Hollywood Celebrities Don’t Want You To Know! Hollywood is a spot of flicks, TV exhibits, music glitz and glamour! But these are some hidde secrets and techniques you did not know that Hollywood celebrities and stars want you did not know!

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  1. Top 10s says

    Check out 10 Real Life She-Hulks You Won't Believe Actually EXIST! by TheRichest

  2. Tj says

    The tiger was CGI and the "ocean" was a tub of water…

  3. Jay Kay says

    Do your research before you feed us with rubbish info and fake accent

  4. Jay Kay says

    Present speaks very fast it hard to understand

  5. Brightrose377 says

    Finny how rhe most interesting one was were they have people who tell them were to pose
    All the others meh
    Y do i watch these i hate myself

  6. Daniel Ngyema says

    Damn Milley, aren't you rich girl? Then you need to whiten those nasty teeth. They look so yellow I'm certain that you spit out butter. Ever heard of a toothbrush if I were you I'd make it my new dick, meaning I'd suck on it daily and never remove it from my mouth.

  7. Malibu says

    aaaand? what can we do about that? mhmh. Stop watching movies, Live our lifes. Love love love spread . Have fun take action

  8. Rory Mendelow says

    I don’t believe any of this Becuase of the life of pi one which is a COMPLETE LIE… life of pi was all green screen they where not actually on water and I’m pretty sure the lion was animation as well… don’t fall for this shit

  9. Rianne says

    The life of pi tiger was completely cgi

  10. Spoonfed Truth says

    It's hard to deny those pics of Jon travolta kissing all over that guy boarding the plane though 😂

  11. Unique Bluetooth says

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  12. Bruja Muerta says

    I do believe the tiger was half cgi & animation like most action movies with wild animals

  13. Caleb waller says

    The animal one is sooo fake. The freaking tiger in Life of Pi is not even real, it was CGI.

  14. Peter Haring says

    This dude is stupid… in the movie life of pi everything was CGI even the animals…. so yes no animals were harmed because it was all computer generated

  15. oz osborne says

    The Tiger in The Life of Pi was 100% CGI. So how did it nearly drown??

  16. J Mac says

    'Because Hollywood stars are good looking'? Insightful.

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