10 Reasons Why You Should ONLY Wear Faux Fur

The advantages of pretend fur over actual fur.


When it comes to fake fur or actual fur, many individuals stand on each side of the road. But whenever you actually take into consideration the virtues of every, there is just one actual winner. Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should ONLY Wear Faux Fur!

For one factor, actual fur is far more costly. The high-end clothes might be hundreds and hundreds of . Who has that type of cash to spend on one factor? You can get fake fur for lower than half the value and nonetheless look nice.

Faux fur lasts longer. There are a billion guidelines on how you can maintain actual fur coats wanting good. You can’t simply retailer them wherever. You should be very particular about how you take care of your actual fur coat and even then it’ll in all probability solely final for about 20-25 years. Talk about not an amazing funding.

There are additionally hundreds of fake fur designs you can select from. You can get fake fur in any shade from lime inexperienced to shiny pink. Think of the craziest shade you possibly can provide you with, and you may get a fake fur merchandise in that shade. With actual fur, you might be far more restricted.

Whether it’s the value level, the care particulars, or animal rights, there are many causes to choose fake over actual fur! Stay tuned to 10 Reasons Why You Should ONLY Wear Faux Fur to search out out why sporting a handbag with an actual fur coat is a no-no!

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  1. Marshmallow says

    Ya, I wouldn't wear a coat that an animal died for. There's no point. But it won't be so bad if an animal died of a natural cause and you managed to stumble upon it.

  2. Esperance Kacou says

    I have this real fur coat it was 547$ can you believe it I don't mean to brag but it too much money

  3. Gabin Roussel says

    melt gap village stick makeup attempt peace convinced stop that name.

  4. Christopher Kollmann says

    FYI real foxes who are imprisoned and tortured, are tasered in the asshole until death, sometimes the fur is taken off while the animal is still alive and awake.. ALL fox meat is thrown away

  5. thatsMeXxxx says

    Thumbs down.
    Not because I would wear real fur. But because you have no idea what you are talking about.

    Nowadays there is almost no price difference between real and faux fur. The animals are treated so badly, don't have any space to move, don't get to eat etc. and it's selling worse and worse. So the prices of real fur have decreased.

    Also real fur is often dyed now to make it more fancy.

    What you're saying sounds a bit like "As long as it's coloured, it can't be real." "As long as it doesn't cost more than 100$ it can't be real."

    No, these are not criteria you can judge by if it's faux fur.
    You should have a look at the label. That's way more accurate. Of course they can still cheat, but then they cheat on purpose and hopefully they get caught.

  6. Jacqueline Moreno says

    Weaeing real fur is gross and cruel and for all u fuckers out there think of your cat or dog or whatever animal you own. I have 3 cats and 4 kittens and i am an animal lover and 11 years old and pls give me a present for my b day and dont were real fur

    My b day was dec 7tg

  7. Shreya Wg says

    Thank you so much for making this video there are many people who were it and we don't need it for leaving or for wearing be a angel towards animals 🤗

  8. nwt 2004 says


  9. londyn o says

    I feel like real fur is ok on smaller garments likes hats or scatfs but not a jacket

  10. LolliPoppy Cookie says

    I personally don't wear fur because I always manage to get it dirty, but if I were to wear fur,I would wear faux fur, purely because I'll feel so guilty wearing it.

  11. carter white says

    This video was so biased it’s not even funny. Jesus people get a grip. There are about 15 fur coats in my family’s cold storage right now and some of them are over 80 years old and look brand new. Fur, pearls, diamonds, silk. Those things are some luxury goods that make you feel so much better because they are real. It gets to a point where you become a faux person because what you put on yourself is not real. Fur is not going anywhere and PETA is a group for poor whiney cry babies.

  12. George744 says

    I never buy fake stuff because… it’s fake!

  13. Leon Christian says

    Would it be ok if animals whore a human skin boots? I think not ;3

  14. Eman Ibrahim says

    What I loved the most is that you inspire people to protect animals💖

  15. Meowza 23 says

    Here's an easy way to choose between faux fur or real fur, just think about any pet that you have or your family has, then imagine skinning it and turning its skin into a jacket, that's the same as wearing real fur

  16. ladyandrea1985 says

    Love my $300 North Face Parka. Year 5 & it still looks amazing and as warm as day one. Animals need their fur, you don’t! #Bethevoiceforanimals I use almond dark chocolate milk in my plain Cheerios & drink vanilla milk. I’m not a vegetarian soI do drink milk just not as often.I haven’t touched beef in a long time. Poultry and fish are still delicious.

  17. Raven Pullip says

    But real fur is actually biodegradable and faux fur isn't so its a two sized coin.

  18. Jenny Taylor says

    I don’t understand… why do they still produce real fur if it comes with so many discomforts… it’s definitely more convenient to have a faux fur… is it softer? I don’t know…

  19. Lil bit 'o' everything says

    You should not need ten reasons to NOT where real fur. Why would you want to wear real fur? Fake fur is where it's at.

  20. Iida Rose says

    Thank you For using your platform to spread this good message♥️

  21. Iida Rose says


  22. TheHealthWire says

    I've Some Experience to work with Fur Product Few Days Ago. The Project Was too much expensive and interesting. Real fur is best as far as i recommended compared to fake fur. Good topic @thetalko covered today…

  23. necogirl1 says

    reason 11 people allergic to fur can actually hug you without breaking into hives.

  24. Michelle Lopez says

    And the 11th reason to buy faux fur. Real fur can’t love you. When you hold your fur baby, dog, cat, rabbit, etc, your seen as a good pet owner. Plus you can give them kisses and such. But if you try that with a fur coat, people will see you as weirdo that needs to be in a straight jacket.

  25. Anna-Kay Burke says

    I would never wear real fur but why you gotta bring in the crazies of peta

  26. amy davy says

    4:09 faux fur 'coa' (little fault ^^'' ) doesn't matter super video anyway !

  27. Brian Jimenez says

    Faux fur is crap. I tried on a red fox coat and it made me feel like a million bucks! I am a animal lover but I appreciate fur and leather clothing. Let me put this in another way, would you rather have a cubic zirconium over a real diamond? I think not.

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