10 Reasons why you should NEVER lob Roger Federer (HD)

I assumed I’d do a Top 10 displaying what Federer is able to doing when the opponent tries to lob him. For some..the worst nightmare can occur..to be tweenered :O


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  1. TennisTop10's says

    Question of the day: Seeing Federer chase down your lob, your thoughts would be " … " ? 😀

  2. Leo Smart says

    Just WOW! It is so great to see him recapture the glory at this age. He had two insanely great matches just this week in Basel. Let us all enjoy every match the rest of the way, as long as it may still last. One thing is for sure. There will never be another one like him.

  3. maestro h says

    All high-lite vids should finish with the US Open tweener, whether the vid is about Fed or not.

  4. Travis Barron says

    This video is the reason i was so shocked in that 2015 US Open final Fed v Djokovic where Djokovic lobed Fed two points in a row and won both (Fed didn't even get a hit on either). Was incredible considering how good Fed is when someone tries to lob him.

  5. John Rain McManus says

    Amazing, but my favorite part of this whole clip is Djokovic's smile at the end. Classy.

  6. Facepalm says

    Almost all these lobs were played as a hail mary after a poor drop shot though.

  7. desiviking says

    Thank you for not overlaying this with annoying techno music like you see in all football videos.

  8. Mark Ellis says

    The Fed just makes Tennis cool pure and simple!

  9. msk389 says

    when u lob he get enough time to select his best weopon of shots from his already overflowing quiver…..

  10. Tom Deverson says

    I don't get it, Federer has been beaten by many lobs in his career, especially by the likes of Nadal, Djokovic and Murray. Is this just another random, pointless Fedtard video? This channel is called TennisTop10's, but the past month you've made 13 videos on him, not one on Djokovic, Murray, and you've made one on Nadal (individually). This is complete bias.

  11. REALTachikomaia says

    1- Sep send the ball to a "esquina" but he went the middle of the net and so close. Shouldnt he had went a bit to the "esquina", or not so close?

    2- Tsonga did the same as Sep, but he was in a good possition. So, what happened? I dont know, looks like he reacted bad. If he was able to strike back the drive from so close, he would be able of doing the same to a farer backhand. Maybe he hit the first because he was expecting it, and was too waiting a straigth shot after his lob. If one doenst have too high reaction speed, thats what happens when go to the net. But well, one should go sometimes. The question is: How many times Fed did a point to him like this, and how many times has happened the opossite? Maybe he should never go to the net in these conditions.
    Also, maybe that lob was untentional, so, maybe it shouldnt count.

    3- Becker played really well. But when the return was coming, he went so close, so he had to redo. And Fed SAW he was close, so… the chance of he doing a lob was very high. I know its difficult to think in that situations, but its even now, for me!
    The lob of Fed was very good, maybe lucky. I dont know if Becker could did a sliced lob in that situation, but maybe it would have been better. If he was Fed, doing a offensive shot would have been better, i think. But he's not, so… How many times he try to do a offensive shot in that conditions? Its good to do it sometimes, but, its like the case 2.
    Also, the lob was forced and too to the middle. Maybe he should have triyed to give it a bit more of angle.

    Well, someone please keep analizing the points (not just congratulating Fed, as most do) and coment about me or others said.

  12. REALTachikomaia says

    As always, just do what you can (even lobs) and be ready for anything (even to be overconfident, but its not very recomendated). Its not what a player would want, but its still better than give the opponent the ball as it were a present, or limiting your variety.

    Question of the decade: What would you do to beat Federer?

    I want videos analizing every points or something. We know Fed is like a genious, but then the others are doing something wrong. Lobs? I dont think so, maybe its to go very close of the net, subvaloring Fed.

  13. k0c1l says

    Well, but add the kid as a bonus 🙂

  14. InvictuZ says

    Nice, a different winning shot everytime. The title was definitely clickybaity but the content was too rich with variety to complain about.

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