10 Photos Taken Before Reality Hit!

Top 10 Photos Taken Before Reality Hit!
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the highest 10 Photos Taken Before Reality Hit!

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  1. Top 10s says

    Thanks for watching! Hit that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button and tell me what you want to see next! 🙂

  2. Rose Blight says

    Human in suit of armor VS. Whale landing on them = Canned Human (cartoon style)

  3. Corey Mullis says

    #2 did he call the lady…a man falling in the water?

  4. k i says

    Omg I'm going wale watching tomorrow no joke

  5. hal martin says

    The British speak our language so badly that perhaps we should stop letting them use it.

  6. Chris Howard says

    My god get to the point and quit telling me to post in comments on every fucking thing you show

  7. izzy.x random says

    that boy won't be having babies anymore 😂 ( seasore)

  8. Stubborn Panda says

    at 4:35… it literally says in the comments section "how did that ball not hit you in the head?".. So that mean you lied?

  9. Rick Sanchez says

    Top ten more like ten minutes of ad revenue…..,I'll go home

  10. King David says

    Reality? When I realized I lived in a physical world, I was in the hospital for the last time.

  11. Babis xalkias says

    probably most of the photos are fake, taken from videos so better kate the video down or change the title

  12. Brandon Quatro says

    That drunk chick climbing on the high voltage Powerlines is sooooo lucky to still be alive!

  13. TheHorrorWriter says

    Please don't show the photos before hand, it spoils the surprise.

  14. Brian Bechtel says

    1st pic is not a shark.. looks like a dolphin, look at tail fin

  15. Carlie Womk says

    Your videos are both fascinating and educational.

  16. Timothy De Vita says

    Does anyone else think that the tone of this guys voice is a little weird?

  17. Grafight23 says

    How to succeed on youtube: 1-Collect viral photos which have been around for years. 2: Add boring narration. 3: Ask people to subscribe.

  18. War Planner says

    "..would have been quite sobering.." In point of fact, the current going though those multi-KV power lines would have literally and instantaneously barbecued her had she made contact with the other pole. She is one lucky cunt!

  19. EvilutioneX says

    Shark photobomb? Afraid not, what kind of moron cant see the horizontal tail fins? Thats a Dolphin, Sharks have vertical tail fins…..

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