10 People Who FELL Off Waterslides!

Top 10 People Who FELL Off Waterslides!
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the highest 10 People Who FELL Off Water slides! People who had dangerous experiences at theme parks, water slides and waterslides. Watch out this Summer trip should you’re happening vacation!

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  1. Top 10s says

    Thanks for watching! Hit that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button and tell us what you want to see next! 😀

  2. Help me. :/ says

    3:29 hold up, you put a sign of Water world that says under "concord" yet you say it's in San Francisco…Idiot! I love to go to Water World! And I wish it was in San Francisco were I live but it's WAY too cold. Please edit this video. And this music and your voice is WAY to happy it's offensive! I'm surprised nobody is making a controversy fuss about this.

  3. johnnyregga says

    the 11 year old girl at draytom manour was her own fault I was there that day and she was standing up and swapping seats, people who don't listen to the safety rules get whats coming to them I feel for the people who miss out because idiots cannot do what they are supposed to.

  4. # lolososlimey says

    I live in Kansas and the death of Caleb was all everyone talked about

  5. Zombie Crafter says

    Just show the fucking videos nobody gives a shit about what u have to say

  6. Veyron XY says

    I've… I've been on drenched (hydro). The bars are now gone though. But don't worry, there are those things that come down from above you and come in front of you. Also, fun fact. You probably won't do this but if you are close to the front of the line and need to pee, just hold it in until you get on the roller coster if you brought swimming shorts for that ride. Nobody will notice as the seats are already soaked from the previous times it has gone down the drop.

  7. Snowden’s World says

    The one with David the second one is a lie their was bushes were he fell

  8. Noblemiss says

    Sadly, I also lived in San Francisco at the time of the slide collapse with all the teens.  It was the totally the teens fault.  Every year the seniors would try to out-do the previous year.  The kids would go down the slide and then stop themselves part of the way down and see how many they could gather together in that one spot.  There was nothing the life guard's could have done about that one (I am starting to think I am jinxing the area's with waterslides.)

  9. Noblemiss says

    I live a few miles from the first one, and that ride has NOT been demolished yet as you say.  I can step outside and take a pic of it right now.

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