10 NERDY Child Stars Who Grew Up HOT

Top 10 NERDY Child Stars Who Grew Up HOT
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the highest 10 NERDY Child Stars Who Grew Up HOT! We all love watching baby actors and singers in our favorite TV, motion pictures and Netflix reveals. But some baby actors did’t start so stunning however have now gone by means of a change into an actual superstar! These baby celebs are mindblowing!

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  1. Top 10s says

    Thanks for watching! Hit that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button and tell me what you want to see next!!! 😀

  2. Young Tee says

    The girl from modern family was hot then and is hot now and I can say that because I'm 15

  3. king Josy says

    Ariel winter is not hot, her body is weird and her style is slutty.

  4. Andre Joe says

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  5. ke tish says

    Eminem is slim shaddy???
    am confused…Today i realised mariah's song obssessed was about eminem..
    And now that eminen is slim shaddy,damn

  6. acenace24 says

    "She was seen getting into flashy cars". As she stands next to a Chevy Cruze ….

  7. LeeLee Rumchata says

    You do know Michelle Trachtenberg was not "recently" in Buffy as a minor character right? Buffy was in the 90s. And she was a major character in the final seasons… it actually re-jumped her career actually…

    And also, this post is not well researched and is pretty sad… I like you guys at Top 10, so this is pretty disappointing.

  8. warspite1995 says

    Harry Hermione and Rupert…. hmmmmmm Actor is Rupert character is Ron 😛

  9. Sammy Lane says

    I've such a CRUSH on both Sarah Hyland and Airel Winter.

  10. J.C Juss Curious says

    He caughed and said "miley Cyrus" im hella weak😂😂 thumbs up and suscribed

  11. nameinvalidLOL69 says

    I'd say only Ariel Winter is hot. IDK about the dudes, but the rest are cute, aside from Madeline Zima. I can't get over those bushy eyebrows :-/

  12. kat2279 says

    LONGBOTTOM, is the most shocking.He is just hot!!

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