10 Most Embarrassing Lip-sync Moments Caught on Camera

prime 10 well-known singers and celebrities who failed on stage
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  1. Avela Z says

    I have seen many performances by JB, Beyonce and Mariah where they singed live and nailed their performances. As for Justin it is obvious he was sick which is why he threw up. Who would sing live if they are sick?

  2. snowy blaze says

    so pretty much every popular singer…think about that

  3. Hannah Avila says

    I think this video is cool because it reminds everyone that celebs are still just people

  4. HyominRutherford says

    Lip syncing is really not a big deal. Kpop stars do it all the time. The fact for it is, dancing and singing is hard to do. Dancing takes a lot and your breathing will not be well enough for singing. So for those who are bashing on stars who do lip sync, you really need to keep in mind what these people do to keep you entertained. It takes A LOT of training to be able to both actually sing and dance. Also remember Kpop stars are trained to lip sync to make it accurate where as Americans and Brits are not.

  5. PugPersonGaming says

    Any one just go by the fact that iggy azalea said you nutters on her post

  6. zer0 95 says

    notice how all of them are pop singers??? haha yeah i know

  7. Audrey Summer says

    Most of the people on this list have zero musical creative talent in the first place. They have their songs written for them or they lazily put one together and shove it out onto shelves. Not a shocker that they're on this list

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