10 Golden Globe Dresses That Left The Crowd Speechless

10 Best Golden Globe Red Carpet Looks From Past Awards Shows.


The Golden Globes crimson carpet has introduced some severely memorable moments through the years, with so many stars donning risqué outfits that shocked onlookers. From mismatched footwear and shredded clothes to ballerina tutus and white shirts, we’ve discovered 10 Golden Globe clothes that left the group speechless.

You can depend on Jennifer Lopez, too, to flash some flesh. But this one specific Globes robe brought on a giant controversy when Jeremy Renner made a remark about it. Some stars gave use essentially the most memorable Golden Globe robes by teaming menswear components with the clothes, similar to Julia Roberts and Emma Watson. Emma gave us all a shock when she rotated, as did Kate Hudson.

Then there are the dangerous Golden Globe outfits that beggar perception, like Lara Flynn Boyle’s ode to ballet and Diane Keaton’s all-white ensemble. And Rinko Kikuchi’s Chanel robe left onlookers scratching their heads as they tried to determine why sea creatures had been clinging to the costume.

Watch our video to see 10 Golden Globe clothes that left the group speechless, and tell us in feedback which one shocked you essentially the most!

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  1. Shanti Satori says

    Honestly I watch the talko when I feel down and alone, the talko makes me smile 😃

  2. tan tan says

    Emma😍😍😍slaying the red carpet

  3. Atiel Kuol says

    i love the talko i just enjoy watching it everday its soo fun

  4. dwe edv says

    whoever made this video has no sense of fashion and thinks daring, out of the box fashion is for coolest, most famous celebrities.
    btw carrie bradshaw whore different color Manolos 18 years ago.

  5. Nicole Graham says

    I love your channel and would love that gift card to buy a tablet to watch you on the go

  6. josy85 says

    I thought Courteney Love's was fine, put it on a shitty Kardashian n u would a love it!!!!!!!

  7. sourabh saini says

    well i think emma watson has the most beautiful dress till now in GGA history

  8. Angeline Turner says

    Courtney love must have had a run in with harvey Weinstein, that's why she warned actresses not to go to Harvey weinstein's hotel suite

  9. Doireann Healy says

    whem ur supposed to be doing ur homework and u just go on utube for 2 hours

  10. Amy Garcia says

    I love Helena! She doesn't care what anyone thinks! And J-Lo is always flawless! That dress is freaking HOT!

  11. Hugh Donaldson says

    Coco Chanel: – If a woman is poorly dressed, you notice her dress, and if she's impeccably dressed, you notice the woman.

    If the women are dressed impeccably, you know who won. Poorly dressed, you Google who won that year.

  12. Manoah Casseus says

    Everyone at talko are probably very very smart how do they know all this stuff

  13. Kevin says

    Don't need the gift card because The Talko's content is amazing.

  14. SimplyDrayaaa says

    I like to eat tacos while I watch the Talko . Best combination ever !

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