10 Famous People With GENIUS IQ Scores In Real Life!

Top 10 celebrities and well-known people who find themselves extraordinarily sensible
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When we consider the wealthy and well-known of Hollywood, we have a tendency to consider their magnificence and expertise over their intelligence. However there are some stars that exceed expectation and have the entire package deal. While it might not at all times present, there was just a few celebrities that possess genius stage IQs. Celebrities that fall into the 145 and above bracket of the IQ scale; the common IQ in America is 100. While their lives look like all glamour and glitz, it actually does seem to be these stars have all of it after which some.
Celebrities are seen for his or her proficient careers and their extraordinary appears to be like, however we don’t have a tendency to consider their intelligence. While some celebrities play off dumb blond effectively, others could masks extraordinarily excessive stage IQs. Here are ten celebrities you wouldn’t essentially imagine are geniuses.
The ‘Modern Family’ star, who gamers trouble-making Luke Dunphy, graduated from highschool in 2012 when he was simply 13 years outdated. He took a General Education Development check to expedite his training. Due to his father’s army profession, he and his household moved round so much, however the gifted teenager didn’t let that cease him. With an IQ of 150, he was invited to hitch Mensa, a excessive IQ unique society. In between performing and taking part in varied devices gifted to him by TV present host Ellen DeGeneres, Gould needs to take on-line school programs.

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  1. Ioan P says

    Many of this IQs are not real, just media legends.

  2. V. Hansen says

    There is no proof that Marilyn Monroe has any recorded IQ score.

  3. Simona Rous says

    "About thirty years ago, someone found that the speed with which the iris contracts in response to a flash of light corresponds very closely to the I.Q. measured by a psychologist using a standard intelligence test. The devices used to measure reaction time in drivers' education courses also give a good indication of a person's intelligence, but so does measuring their heart rate, or taking their temperature. Colleges would probably be embarrassed to admit students on the basis of their temperature (though they commonly award scholarships on the basis of the ability to throw a ball). Colleges, to the extent that they are serious about the business of education, are interested in the student's ability to master the culture." Ray Peat

  4. Perry Tito says

    I always thought Mr Bean to be highly gifted and congrats to him on that one. But it's not academic prowess but common-sense, which is something that I personally rely on more than academic achievements.

  5. POLLUX says

    My iq number is 146. Im in jr in high school, but I’ve flunked 2 grades. Lol

  6. Who Knowsyou says

    high IQ isn't a sign of real intelligence. but Im surprised you didn't put madonna on the list. her IQ is 140, though she herself also claims that IQ is not a true measure of intelligence. (just a "kind")

  7. LarasLife says

    wow mr.Bean has an IQ of 178?! i have never thought that he would be so inteligent

  8. max larsen says

    Good IQ doesnt have to mean u good in school, i have high IQ i was bad in school, that was because i wanted to have fun instead, and i had hard time concetrate

  9. DucassiiiN ESP says

    And now people in the comment section are trying to seem geniuses saying that IQ tests are a imaginary bla bla bla
    Act naturally please

  10. James Heathcote says

    Soooooooo all I learned today was that there are thousands of people who watch TheRichest videos with IQ's over 140.

    Just so you know 99.99% of those comments are 9 year olds who's moms say there gifted

  11. Preston Thomas says

    Their are a lot of average Joe millionaires out their, so what does that say? You don't have to be all that smart to make it in life, especially in the U.S., the land of opportunity, at least while Trump is in office.

  12. xXThe Alpha MakerXx says

    The Funny Thing is that Ben portrays a one of The Smartest Being in the DC universe…Bruce Wayne!

  13. JSavic says

    So, I guess that all this proves is that these people are good at IQ tests ?

  14. Hi hi Hi says

    Rowen Atkinson is best known for being black adder

  15. j.k00 says

    above 130, the test becomes inaccurate due to standard deviations this effect is more so for iq above 160 which can range e.g. from 150 to 180+

  16. LokiRudder says

    Monroe at 168? lol Clearly our understanding of intelligence has developed since then.

  17. Dom47420 says

    If the people with iqs of over 130 and asking if thats good, they would be intelligent enough to utilize the fucking search bar on there screen.

  18. Dryfftyn G says

    They say James Woods has an 184 IQ but vetoing for trump takes it down to about 3

  19. mayhem Mike says

    I used to thought my iq was 175 until somebody told me what the decimal point between the 7 & the 5 was😣

  20. ajbutch123 says

    lol @ the title of the vid… 'in real life' How the fuck else are you going to have a genius IQ? LMFAO

  21. Emily Michelle says

    I have a higher IQ than everyone on this list. Mine is 186%. I was accepted into MENSA at 14 years of age.

  22. Lilli Mango says

    A friend of mine has an IQ of 160 but ADHS and alcohol problems… so in the end, its just a number…

  23. Willow S says

    I got 128 on the test, but my aunt had happened to get 149, and my mum got 152.

  24. MasterDj47 says

    Ben Affeck
    Me: NOO
    Matt Damon
    Conan O' Brian
    But DANG

  25. Skull says

    And James Wood is a hardcore conservative. Interesting.

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