10 Famous Kids Who Grew Up Too Fast

prime 10 well-known Celebrities and other people whose kids grew up quick
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  1. Elaine Duffy says

    Depressing, parents who didn't have fame forcing their children to get the work they didn't get, and then famous people not allowing their children to be children.

  2. Tina Freemont says

    Kendall looks average. Maybe that's why she got lip injections to make her lips bigger.

  3. Ryin88 says

    Kendall is the only attractive person in the jenner/kardashian family…

  4. Celine Elizabeth says

    Ok no one else is shocked about how young drew Barrymore was when she started doing drugs and shit? IM SHOOKITH

  5. Ricardo Heathe says

    My life isn't that bad that I have to spend my time watching other peoples life and yes I am one of the slow growers. Get a life you douche bags.

  6. #Fab #chic MSP says

    I didn't know Eminem had a daughter….. please don't kill me, although she is very pretty

  7. heyitskeila says

    this is me looking at the Disney channel Jessie shows cast then and now😂😂😂

  8. Influencer ProductPromoter says

    OMG I Am extremely proud of hailli!!!!!!. Way to go girl! You are one great and awesome example! Very proud of you!.

  9. Samantha Kate says

    "hailie scott has over 158,00 followers", yet it says she has over half a mil in the picture, uh what??

  10. Eric x says

    Get off will smiths kids' jocks. Stop kissing their no-talent asses. They suck.

  11. Long Billy says

    3:58 over 158,000 folowers yeah 572,000 on that pic soo why that number 158,000 ?

  12. Jeremy P says

    I went to highschool with Eminem's daughter she is cuter in person too.

  13. Dr. Karen says

    wil and Jada Smith's kids… spolied rotten rich… board kids… seriously dying for attention….. its quite unattractive

  14. BUCK RUSH says

    Willows the girl version of little Uzi Vert

  15. Oliver Akers says

    Oh wow, thanks for telling me Selena Gomez was the one who pushed 13RW to us. Now I hate her. Wonderful.

  16. Keira Zenovia says


  17. Kyana Taylor says

    Eminem' s daughter is hell pretty better looking than Eminem 😜🤑😱👱🏼‍♀️

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