10 Dark Secrets The Jackson Family Doesn’t Want You To Know

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prime 10 stunning information about Michael Jackson the King of Pop
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The Jackson household is without doubt one of the most well-known households on the earth. We first met them in 1964 once they fashioned The Jackson 5. The members of the group consisted of Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael, they usually have been the primary all-black music group to make it massive. The star of the group was little Michael Jackson, who later left the band to start out a really profitable solo profession. The group’s little sister Janet additionally made an enormous splash within the music enterprise together with her personal profitable pop profession. With all this success, you’d assume that the Jacksons have been one massive completely satisfied household. That isn’t the case. We’re not speaking about typical household dysfunction both. The Jackson household is without doubt one of the most turbulent and dysfunctional households in Hollywood. After Michael’s loss of life, some folks puzzled if perhaps the turbulence would finally relax. But as a substitute, it bought a lot worse.
In this video are ten darkish secrets and techniques the Jackson household doesn’t need you to know. While the highlight has been shining on the Jacksons for a number of a long time, there’s a new goal on the town. That goal is the kids of Michael Jackson. While he was alive, Michael stored the children guarded and guarded at Neverland Ranch in order that nobody would have the ability to tarnish or damage them. However, after Michael’s loss of life, and Prince and Paris turning into adults, there was no solution to shield them anymore as a result of they’re adults. Blanket is now a teen navigating by life, so time will solely inform what the world has in retailer for him.

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  1. TheRichest says

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  2. 100PercentJackson says

    It's not right. And we can't progress, because I'm part of our future and the suff goes with me. Not yall and not them. https://youtu.be/A9VXMqQSjmo
    Why is the Jackson Family ignoring Michael Jackson's biological son. Not only do the Jackson's, but the media has blacklisted this as well and have offered no investigative journalism inquiries into the allegations. This is beyond a conspiracy and I will continue to release the truth about this and my own opinions about why my life is being oppressed. There are so many situations that are intertwined into this, extortion, racism, fear, jealousy, mental retardation, ignorance, fraud, blackmail, blackballing and general discrimination.
    Factually, I am Michael's biological son and my life is being fabricated and people are using forms of power-real power-and conspiring to use me and block me from my future and any possibilities and opportunities. I have the truth about a bunch of stuff that I am going to promote, since avenues of my life are being blocked in a paranormal way. The initial source and foundation of the issues is White Supremacy and White Power and Illuminati racism, etc. People involved in my life are being used and using and abusing me. I have specifics about the details on what white power truly is, on what the illuminati really does, about what people in Hollywood really have done–murders etc. I know who Michael Jackson's other kids and family members are. I know about the things ailing the black community which white people have enacted into affect. About mind control, brainwash, alternate demensions, lucid dreaming, time travel and all the bullshit they think will position themselves better than blacks, how they alter our HEALTH and FUTURES and what their white priviledge consists of, how they use cyber space; etc-the truth is that they are controling and manpulating people and blacks are their targets; they are infringing on our rights as human beings and afflicting us and I'm going to tell you the real reality and specificially what they do. You might have power but some people still don't know. I'm not stopping. Because someone is overstepping their boundaries in my life and this is the result. Refusing this only gives them power. I'm about to tell you how far they go. You know I'm at the top.

  3. BIO OG says

    wenn ich deine stimme hoer krieg ich lust zu kotzen

  4. Fantazunique says

    America, the land of real opportunity!!! Where else in the world can a poor little black boy grow up to become a rich white woman??? And get away with Pedophilia??? Loved him before he got so effin weird, but I could not stand him towards the end of his pathetic life!!! I'm hoping he's burning in hell!!!

  5. Harry Gross says

    It’s so sad that nobody is talking about the abuses he got from his father as a child, not to mention hormones his father forced him to assume at young age of his teens, to preserve his treble voice! Michael was a pure, sensible individual who lost his childhood and his teens in name of the entertainment business. He had serious health issues: vitiligo, alopecia, lupus …. not to mention the Pepsi Ad accident causing him severe scalp burns… I think it’s hard enough for any individual to bear such pains… but Mike was an incredible artist, singer, performer, dancer, choreographer, producer, and businessman altogether. He owned the Beatles catalogue of Epic Records and many more artists such as Bob Dyland, then he sold 50% to Sony, which was a huge disaster for his career. Sony tried to destroy him as Michael refused to sell his quota… he lost so much business and a huge amount of money due to Sony’s obstructionism.
    Who cares of his bleaching skin…. it was for cosmetic and esthetic reason, Michael was proud of being Afro American!
    Who cares of his plastic surgeries, he had his good reasons.
    Who cares of his straight hair, he was virtually bald.
    Who cares of his sexuality, he was shy with women, but didn’t go with men.
    He loved children, but he respected them. He was NOT a pedophile!
    He was prooved to be innocent of any allegation.
    All this shit was a conspiracy to destroy him because he was very rich and powerful in the entertainment industry.
    Who cares of being or not biological father of his children …. he is their father!
    So please stop with this shit and do not forget the man, the artist, incredibly smart and talented as no one ever before him in the world, the loving guy, compassionate, humble individual who spent millions in charity.
    The loving father who lived for his children, the guy who desperately wished a normal life but was swept away by the system.

  6. Valeria Romero says

    I have one dark secret to tell you…


  7. John W says

    Michael was the greatest man on earth

  8. Pat Pellerin says

    Why do you do this you do this your going to make people hate him you ideot.

  9. Mia Gonzales says

    There is nothing that the jackson family could hide from fans michael tells the truth you made all of this up i am mad i ❤ Michael Jackson

  10. Dani Van Buskirk says

    Love all the Jacksons Talent (and I do not mind joe after all without him no Janet no MJ)

    But all of these things everyone already knew for years….Also MJ had said himself as well as Janet that Joe targeted the older boys more (Tito Jackie)

  11. Lorna Simmons says

    Michael with a black woman in his bed?? Yeah right!! That would never happen. He probably threatened to fire her.

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