10 Child Stars Who Were “UGLY” in High School

10 well-known little one celebrities who grew as much as be stunning
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Celebrities are similar to us; even the most popular ones have had their awkward levels in life. Thankfully for them, they got here out on the opposite aspect and at the moment are sizzling and well-known! From a star that has blossomed in entrance of the digital camera, to the kid of a Hollywood magnificence, these are 10 sizzling celebrities who had been “ugly” in college!

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  1. Andrew Wilson says

    oh and Megan fox did go through an awkward stage but she did get much more sexually attractive didn't she

  2. Pamela Phillips says

    Yuck, George Clooney is NOT an attractive man to a lot of women I know.

  3. Naomi Callahan says

    Taylor actually was cute once but now look at her, look what u made her do…

  4. Melissa Haletky says

    Ok. So to the folks who put this together. You did not go through an awkward phase?

  5. Aman Dean says

    Be carfull who you call ugly in middle school

  6. trookers says

    wo waren die bitte hässlich ? wasn mit den leuten hier los ? selbst 3:39 war hot

  7. M says

    You can't call people "UGLY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG PEOPLE JUST DONT. Some had plastic surgery s because they wanted to feel pretty. They just wanted to not be bullied anymore but NOOOOOOOOOOO. People just hate on them because they where "ugly" and had a plastic surgery. That is not human I think but I don't actually know anymore what a decent human is because I grew up with *this*.
    I'm 11.

  8. Dot says

    This video makes me feel better about myself 🙂

  9. Sam I-am says

    4 of the pictures of their childhoods weren't even them!

  10. Sara Seifert says

    Why a photo of Liv Tyler is included in the Kaye Hudson segment is beyond me.

  11. Dana Khammash says

    its a shame to call other people ugly by the way non of those people is ugly

  12. KK M says

    Whatever their past were, I admire their effort to overcome their problems

  13. Natty 98 says

    Megan Fox was so much prettier before..

  14. 4Foxsnakes says

    The part with rashida jones. They showed pictures of ZOEY DESHANEL. In high school and then showed pictures of her being fat that are 100% photoshopped.

  15. Gabbi Durham says

    Get off these people's backs oh my God this is horrible

  16. Jzilla says

    Lol I'm sorry but I always thought that the girl from transformers wasn't super attractive. She's not ugly tho. Just not my type I guess.
    Make up , the right hair colors and all that other cosmetic stuff can make anyone look good. Honestly!

  17. Victor Tenorio says

    They should had put lele pons😂😂😂😂oh she is the bomb

  18. ledzepgirlnmful says

    How very ugly of you, to call these people ugly before they were famous. Shameful.

  19. lalalalala says

    Be careful who you make fun of in high school.

  20. XxNue says

    Damn The Richest i wonder how you looked in high school. Hate this obsession with looks in this world.

  21. Coysgub says

    I'm 99% sure 4:56 is Hermione, not Victoria Beckham.
    And 5:13 is liv Tyler not Kate Hudson xD

  22. Kendall Jackson says

    I wonder what the people that went to school with these guys that have them a hard time are thinking about them now

  23. Pearl says

    Smh kylie has always been cute

  24. trash says

    "People who don't think George Clooney is attractive needs to get their heads checked" I don't think he's attractive cause he's an old man and I'm younger than him

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