10 Child Celebs Who Aged Badly!

high 10 cute celebrities and well-known individuals who aged horribly
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There is one factor that binds us all collectively, and that’s the undeniable fact that all of us age and we’re all getting older by the second. When you’re a daily one who ages, it’s often not an enormous deal and an anticipated stage of life. When you’re a celeb, age is every thing. The youthful you look, the longer your profession lasts. Any indicators of growing old could make or break a profession, which is why cosmetic surgery and injections achieve this nicely. If you’re somebody who could make an individual look youthful, you’re virtually a millionaire in Hollywood. If you’re a celeb that’s beginning to present your age, then motion needs to be taken, particularly if you happen to’re a girl. If you’re a younger wanting lady, or aged, your profession will nonetheless do okay, however is the center age actresses that usually discover themselves out of labor. While Hollywood is turning into extra accepting of growing old celebrities, even the way in which you age can work towards you.

In this video are ten celebs who aged badly. Whether it’s as a result of too many injections, not getting cosmetic surgery in time, utilizing too many medication, or ingesting, Father Time has not been form to those celebrities. Despite their efforts to show again time and cease the clock on their pores and skin, these celebrities show that you would be able to solely postpone growing old for thus lengthy earlier than it comes crashing down in your like a bag of bricks. Ready to dab a few of that anti-aging cream in your face?

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  1. A.D. Wells says

    "Sometimes, when all that's lost remains drink from the fountain of youth and never age again"

  2. abdul hake says

    It is not nice to tell other people how they aged badly and we all did mistakes so yeah stop!!!!!!😐

  3. Tiffany Guinn says

    I don't think it's aging that made them look bad it was mostly plastic surgery.

  4. Defer Payment says

    Who's the asshole poster anonymously SHAMING and harassing women?> TaKES big tough piece of shit to post hack atrtacks via touube on womens. You are a fucking harasser.

  5. El Mattie Anon says

    Gee Cindy Brady looks "quite a bit different" as when she was a little girl. ROCKET SCIENCE!

  6. KTM Pro MXer says


  7. Terri says

    I think men get better looking as they age. Russel Crowe is no different.

  8. Jellybean Frandsen says

    Why oh WHY do people opt for a set of lips that you got from a freaking FLOTATION device is BEYOND ME! The moment someone has a pair of lips that looks as though an anaphylactic shock has taken place is NOT ATTRACTIVE! It looks DEFORMED!!!!

  9. Saxon says

    Ahhh, yes, Macaulay Coke-head! Brah, ha, haaaa!

  10. john wilson says

    erm so people get old so why slag them off if they try to look younger would you not if you had the money age is nothing do you think they care you make these videos of them dont think so they made more in a day than you could make in a month

  11. Stephanie Valdez says

    Its funny how it says 10child celebs that aged bad .. but they don't show any pics of them as childs wtf

  12. Rose Anderson says

    I want to see whoever does these videos do a timeline of their lives and see how they look at 60 or 70 years old… most of these actors and actresses don't look that bad people need to stop stop being so damn superficial and make sure they're perfect

  13. nesianboy says

    Hey judgemental bitch!! Yes you!! Whoever you are, you are full of shit. Stop bashing on people. Aging is natural so stfu you aint got no life..

  14. Tom says

    Its called getting older deal with it

  15. A Doozer says

    Rene looks great, I'd fuck her in a heartbeat. Crowe is just grey. Frazier needs to diet. The others are just drug and surgery impaired.

  16. magic wand says

    This made me look closely at the mirror… I shouldn't be watching this

  17. James Lee says

    Wow people growing old and not looking young anymore shocker!!

  18. s cif says

    Sad that we live in a society that people have nothing better to do but make videos about "famous people who aged horribly"

  19. M E says

    "Nothing lasts forever" in this world. Riches, fame and beauty will fade away. Even the richest and the most famous people, who aged beautifully, would die and rot in the graves, as well as those people, who aged badly. As it is written, "….I myself perceived also that one event happens to them all." Amen.

  20. Josie p. says


  21. Janice Escobarte says


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