10 Child Celebrities Who Embarrass Their Parents

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  1. Kayla Rocs says

    I cant get enough of these videos from the richest

  2. Good Luck says

    Hey are you kidding us, how does the title relate to this video…..fuck

  3. kinder bar says

    This video is just about criticizing weird people

  4. DUKE-C says


  5. Willie Muniz says

    I do not agree with creepy u can say that about anybody

  6. Clorox Modz says

    A lot of Shia Lebeoufs random acts of being weird were just method acting. Even that “just do it” thing was only a Nike ad but they decided not to use it. Also this should be “10 weird celebs” because a lot of these you don’t show any proof they embarrass their perants

  7. simlover00 says

    Where is the proof that their parents are embarrassed of them? None cuz it's all for views and money!

  8. jess b says

    Jaden should be #1 I couldn't believe this kid from karate kid transform to be so such a shame 😧😧

  9. David Carter says

    Jayden Smith, a classic example that you shouldn't do drugs if you want to procreate…

  10. Nootzy says

    this commentator is a fuckin burt

  11. Royal Vibez says

    You can't talk about the Olsen twins because they went through allot. Allot of these children stars did. It was mostly their parents greed.

  12. Will K says

    Jaden Smith is not a celebrity he has famous father that is all.

  13. Serafima Bajenova says

    Shia Labeouf and Will Smith son really strange, I do not understand them

  14. Joshk 509 says

    She is dick head this ugly looking child child grew up to be a weird creepy adult

  15. Crystal Reed says

    Sophia Richie and his sister should be here. Lionel is a legend and they are just no.

  16. Ace O'Connor says

    who fucking cares about any of these fucking shit stands anyways.

  17. Ace O'Connor says

    most of the so called stars on this this list is creepy. Justin has no musical talent he's sucks and to hell with jaden he's a wacko with no talent but be a shit buckett

  18. Angel Amaral says

    Wtf he was in the sun valley mall in concord lol I missed him

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