10 Celebs Who Don’t Know How To Apply Makeup

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Celebrities are sometimes seen with excellent faces of make-up. They have make-up artists that create the proper look and stroll the pink carpet wanting utterly beautiful. Save for just a few instances when make-up goes awry, and malfunctions make them look a lot much less enticing than the beauties they’re. It might be a bronzer blunder, an excessive amount of darkish eye shadow or contouring gone fallacious. Whatever the mess, these awkward celeb make-up malfunctions show that generally make-up can do extra hurt than good.

Kim Kardashian has made a reputation for herself because the queen of contouring, so when she will get it fallacious persons are sure to take discover. She stepped out at New York Fashion Week with a darkish streak down her nostril. A typical make-up artist trick is portray a darker shade down the center of your nostril and highlighting the edges to offer the phantasm of a thinner nostril. However, Kim’s make-up wasn’t blended correctly and the contouring impact was diminished. Her sister Kylie Jenner suffered a make-up mishap when she stepped out with two wildly completely different colors on her chest. Clearly she didn’t keep in mind how low lower her shirt was going to be, as a result of her make-up stops proper within the center.

There are just a few celebrities who’ve had points with white powder face make-up which have left them wanting like ghosts. Drew Barrymore and Angelina Jolie have each fallen underneath the white powder curse, with make-up that was not correctly blended in. White powder works to mattify the pores and skin for photoshoots, however step outdoors and it’s a very completely different story. And as a common make-up rule, much less is extra. Sometimes naturally lovely celebrities rock an excessive amount of make-up and it’s not a very good have a look at all. Too a lot blush, eyeshadow or bronzer can flip a stunning face into an utter catastrophe.

Whether they did their make-up themselves or had make-up artists do it for them, after these photographs surfaced, somebody acquired a speaking to. It may have been a minor mistake that became a giant make-up blunder, or an enormous mishap that makes us surprise why nobody else noticed it earlier than they stepped outdoors. Whatever the scenario might have been, these celebrities have by no means seemed worse. Take a have a look at 10 awkward celeb make-up malfunctions that can have you ever shocked and stunned.

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  1. Ruby Gold says

    Really I think Taylor's makeup looks good for her!

  2. Liz Jones says

    None of these "women" are natural beauties. They are all trannies castrato drag queens, no wonder they have to take drugs to cope with life as a fraud. And they didn't even choose that life. Their parents had them transgendered at a young age and they grew up screwed up and confused. And super ugly

  3. Derpy Wolf5098 says

    The Kylie one is photoshop, you can tell because it takes up more space of her chest in the second or third picture plus there's the exact same picture with the same pose and everything and it doesn't have the yellow stuff on her chest.

  4. Shameless McFlagon says

    TheTalko is that bitchy friend that talks trash about you behind your back, but smiles and compliments you to your face

  5. pb Castillo says

    bich I love Christina's make up…..her drag queen makeup

  6. Liar Edits says

    Taylor Momsen looks fine (plus half of that makeup was because of gossip girl tv show role, just in case if you didn't know).

  7. Liz Hagar says

    Actually Pam a. Would look much better with a lot less make up

  8. Kay Bear says

    The girl talking in this with the last person she sounded so bitchy and judgemental over something so stupid like makeup it make me literally want to slit my wrist.

  9. CreativeCrepeOwO says

    Taylor looks okay in goth tbh. And everyone has bad makeup day, yeesh. I bet you don't look perfect all the time either.

  10. Tojar Jeriong says

    I mean I know that everyone make mistakes and I like it that way.not everything have to be perfect.😐😐

  11. Patricia Garcia says

    You knew nothing about the white powder? This powder was was before high definition translucent powder was put on the market. Old Brad Pitt can't see the white powder only when you take a flash picture. Many a female got caught with plain translucent powder before Makeup For Ever, Laura Mercier put high definition powder out.

  12. Daphane Mcconnell says

    The Kardashians use to much spackling in skin to change it. They all are very pretty and do not need that crap on faces,neck,boobs

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