10 Celebrities Who Won’t Admit To Plastic Surgery

These stars received’t come clean with having had beauty surgical procedure no matter their stunning earlier than and after images.
In the world of Hollywood, celebrities may need the abilities to make their identify identified on this enterprise, however generally all it takes is nice seems to be to rise to fame. We stay in a society the place everyone seems to be obsessive about trying good and it’s affected some individuals’s vanity together with celebrities.

Everyone expects celebrities to age gracefully as a result of they often look so lovely or good-looking. However, some individuals don’t look extra enticing once they age. We all can’t be good, even when we’re well-known! That’s why we sadly should see some celebrities flip to the woes of cosmetic surgery.

Of course, generally getting slightly work accomplished below the knife isn’t that unhealthy. There are some celebrities who don’t have any drawback to share their cosmetic surgery dependancy as a result of generally, it’s apparent to see. Middle-aged celebrities begin to go for a process or two in worry of wrinkles and pure outdated age.

Some celebrities don’t wish to admit on getting work accomplished since cosmetic surgery shouldn’t be accepted by all. A couple of followers are upset once they see their favourite stars deciding to do a fast nip and tuck and others really feel it’s pretend. We can perceive why a few of these celebrities have determined to maintain their cosmetic surgery a secret and often attempt to dodge the query when it comes up in lots of interviews.

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Kim Kardashian
Nicki Minaj
Gwen Stefani
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Renée Zellweger
Megan Fox
Blake Lively
Demi Moore
Kylie Jenner

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  1. Mr Noctunal 1 says

    When they age they're not gonna look as nice as they do now since it's not real what's in there body

  2. My life as gab says

    Honestly the media acts like it’s a bad thing but at the end of the day ain’t nobody give a crap

  3. Eudora Stoby says

    No offense
    North America is very personal
    Here in the Caribbean nobody cares if you had any surgery
    Its ur buisness and your opinion✌

  4. Jonathan Colmenero says

    Nicki Minaj never had a nose job she just wears a ton of makeup, her ass is indeed fake but still looks good, her boobs are all natural and just wears push up bra's, in reality Nicki has normal boobs

  5. Rochelle Banks says

    Kylie and Kim both know they have had more work done then lip injections😑

  6. J H says

    Nicki minaj has done butt inplants.

  7. Flawkins says

    you guys are exposing celebrities rn 😂

  8. asz whole says

    Over 900 comments? 900 reason to blow my brains out , you really think you are any better than anyone else so you pick on the easy mark some mindless plastic drug addict sexually abused as a kid idiot who will never see one cent that they claim she is really worth and did masterly in a bath tub in South Carolina and you think you could do better you should all stop and take a look in the mirror and not judge the victims here you sad why these people are who they are ….. go outside and do something leave your cell at home for a few hours but u won't lisers

  9. asz whole says

    What is even sadder than these whores is other men I argue with that these cunts are actually good looking…and sadly I I really could care less about fucking where's ,, it's just the idea that another person can not see these ugly fucking pigs for what they are…. and shocking a lying fucking stupid mindless fucking piece of cum guzzling shit would ever be dis honest? Hard to believe people are actually capable of getting any dumber than they were 20 years ago who would of ever thought I was from the wiser generation and we used to sniff glue and set each other on fire and you cunts argue over what plastuc whore is really not a liar?… how can you not want to kill yourselves?

  10. asz whole says

    Everyone expects celebs to grow old gracefully? How could anyone say such an imiribuc statement

  11. Miki Hirai says

    How come nobody ever mentions Jennifer Aniston's nose job? Have you seen her in The Leprechaun?!

  12. Asia Leatrice says

    You gotta be dumb to think Kim's butt is real. It doesn't even match her legs 😂 when u are thick in your butt area your thighs will be big too.

  13. Evie C says

    The thumbnail is two different people

  14. Asia. Millz says

    What is wrong with people why does everyone think it's necessary to get a nose job

  15. Amber Lovely says

    Kim always got surgery. But she looks better now than she did years ago.

  16. Jade McQueen says

    botox and fillers are NOT surgery ffs and 'fakeness' is on the inside not the outside, get over it and stop hating, they all look better

  17. Kiara Wright says

    ITS NOT!

  18. noemistephanie93 says

    Megan fox was prettier back then, she looks gross afterwards and yeah Britney definitely looks terrible now especially with her crocodile lips and smile 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. Jojobeeh says

    What difference does it make whether they admit it or not?? It's clearly visible so…

  20. Makeup By Lily says

    I hate people who give hate on people who had plastic surgery. It's their decision, not yours. If you don't wanna have plastic surgery, ok. If you wanna, good for you.

  21. donkey butt says

    the problem is these people are fake and deny it

  22. trentnathan1 says

    When judging a doctor's skill & ability to me the most important factor is to what degree does a patient look like they have had surgery or treatments. Only a small percentage of doctors are capable of achieving undetectable work. IMO most people look worse after cosmetic surgery. On screen stars & celebrities can afford the best of the best cosmetic doctors & treatments & when on screen can camouflage their cosmetic surgery with make up & lighting.

  23. jessey says

    0:55 that photo isn't of nicki, its of some African American woman photoshopped with Nicki's face and tattoo's, but hey why do I know. lol

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