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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the highest 10 ANIMALS TOO INSANE TO BE REAL!

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  1. Top 10s says

    Thanks for watching! Hit that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button and tell me what you want to see next! 🙂

  2. Kunshi says

    Amigo te estan copiando los tops,en el canal mr tops

  3. King Pepe says

    that bat fish would be good for blow jobs.

  4. sean oreilly says

    I always thought that the blue footed bird was called a blue footed BOOBY not Bobby ?

  5. Sheila Bryant says

    This is probably the 3rd or 4th video I've watched on your channel; and each one there has been at least one thing that is either COMPLETELY FALSE or an EXAGGERATED TRUTH!
    In this video, off the top of my head, it's the "rainbow snake"; while although there are snakes called rainbow snakes, and they are quite pretty; they don't even look remotely close to this candy colored snake seen in this video!
    I'm unsure who does your research , however, they should be fired. It's very manipulative to give false information and try to pass it off as fact is wrong on so many levels!

  6. MenacingMickey says

    Blue Footed Booby… Done , done, done, done de done, done de done 😉

  7. mostafa tosson says

    The rainbow snake isn't really, it's photoshopped. The original snake is completely white

  8. Brody F. Gauthier says

    You managed to spread a lot of false info with the "Rainbow Snake." Which isn't a real species.

  9. LoftyCatDraws says

    Did anyone else notice that they displayed the moths name for the information on the pigs? 3:04

  10. Tokugawa Heavy Industries says

    This channel has reported on confirmed Photoshopped images in the past like they were real. So I dunno about that "rainbow snake" being real. I can't find any actual video of it. There is an "eel moccasin"/Farancia erytrogramma, that's called a "rainbow snake," but it looks nothing like the snake in this video.

  11. KingRamen1116 says

    My teacher took a pic of a hermit caterpillar just a month ago, and it was first discovered in 2016. Just google it.

  12. Lo Mejor De Las Redes says

    Greetings tops s wanted you to know that the page of youtube mr.tops is stealing your videos and is earning a lot of money with your work would be good to report it to youtube. It is not fair that your effort is enjoyed by others. Here a video is in Spanish but here they explain how you steal it …

  13. Diss King says

    Subscribe to my channel plz and if you guys get more than 50 subscribers ill eat a ghost pepper

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